Papa Louie Games (Princess Bubblegum)


This is Princess Bubblegum, one of Ethans workers. You might of been on my website, sorry, I can't get into my account so no more posts onthat website until  I can get in!

Enof about that website, i need to do a post on this website!

So, Papa Louie games. There are all about cooking. It started with Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!

Papa was making a pizzia and he put some spice in and..... AHHHHHHH! Mutant Pizza!!!!!!

You play as papa and fight the pizzas.

Then that lead to pizzarias freezarias cupcakearias doughnutarias bugurias hotdoggarias and more!

Play as papa louie characters and serve others!

Play on or

Papa Louie is the best!! Ethan

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